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뉴스지 정보 & 컨설팅 ;; 경영 조사 연구 컨설팅


Introduction of Business


News Group Research & Consulting : 'Newsji Biz' is the research and consulting division of the News Group. The News Group runs the Information media, commercial trading, investment, management of intellectual properties and related businesses.


New business: 'Newsji Biz' researches business environments, supports establishment of business connections and marketing.


Construction and engineering. 'Newsji Biz' makes plan or estimates plan of construction and engineering.


Election Support: 'Newsji Biz' collects information of elections and supports planning of election campaign.


Consulting: 'Newsji Biz' consults economical, administrative, social, scientific, technological issues.




      History of News Group

1996, Elmart Co., trading and investment

2000,, news service and consulting

2005, Allfrom Korea Co, technological research

2008, Computer Security Service, NGO for computer security

        Onnews, publication service

2009, National Information Institute(NII), public research service

2012, Mediain, producing cultural contents

2013, Newsji Info, security information and consulting


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News Group Business Consulting

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