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Gigaphoton to Begin Testing of New KrF Excimer Laser within Panel Manufacturing Mass Production Line

Testing begun for new KrF excimer laser, a light source for the annealing process at large-scale liquid crystal display manufacturing plants; mass production slated for next summer
Date: 2016-12-07

OYAMA, JAPAN--(Business Wire) December 7, 2016 -- Gigaphoton Inc. (headquarters: Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture; President & CEO: Hitoshi Tomaru), a major semiconductor lithography light source manufacturer, announced the successful development of a new KrF excimer laser, an application of the excimer laser technology used for semiconductor lithography, for use in annealing. In addition, Gigaphoton announced that testing on the new KrF excimer laser began in November within the mass production line at a panel manufacturer.

This marks the successful development of a new annealing KrF excimer laser for Gigaphoton‘s own series of the newly branded GIGANEX excimer lasers (see note, below), taking advantage of KrF technology Gigaphoton has cultivated since that company’s founding. Testing began in November at the mass production line for a panel manufacturer. Designed to be a high output KrF excimer laser, at 600W, this new product is garnering many expectations as an annealing light source for panel manufacturers both within Japan and abroad as demand for large-scale panels with even greater resolutions increases. Gigaphoton is aiming to ship the first mass-produced models of this KrF excimer laser in the summer of 2017.

Hitoshi Tomaru, President and CEO at Gigaphoton Inc., noted that the new KrF excimer laser his company has developed will be added to their GIGANEX series lineup. He anticipates that it will meet the ever more diverse needs of Gigaphoton's customers and went on to say that the GIGANEX series will be available as a valuable solution moving forward not only the flat-panel display (FPD) industry but for other fields as well.

GIGANEX is the new brand from Gigaphoton, refers collectively to a series of new excimer lasers developed using the advanced technological prowess that Gigaphoton has cultivated for semiconductor lithography. Gigaphoton offers GIGANEX as a valuable solution as it works together with partners seeking new innovations to find even more possibilities for excimer laser use in fields beyond semiconductor manufacturing, including FPD manufacturing, flexible device processes, and lithography.

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