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InCellis: The New Age of Cell Imaging by BERTIN

A unique all-in-one digital solution offering the best-of-breed technologies for cell culture facility
Date: 2016-09-30

PARIS--(Business Wire), entity of CNIM Group, is launching InCellis, a new cell imager developed to provide high quality images and facilitate the scientists’ day to day manipulation. The image quality in brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence are generated by the latest state of the art technology of CMOS low light sensor, also used in military applications for targeting and surveillance. As with all of Bertin’s products, both the ergonomic and user experience have been taken into great consideration by the development team.

A smart cell imager solution
InCellis unique features include a low light CMOS PHOTONIS colour camera, a large touchscreen monitor, patented illumination technology and onboard automated cell culture applications such as multi-channel cells imaging, transfection efficiency “in the flask”(true colored tissue slide image), cell proliferation study.

“When the first Imaging stations were launched, 8 years ago, it was a sheer breakthrough for biologists working on cell cultures” comments Bruno Vallayer, PhD, Managing Director of BERTIN Systems and Instrumentation. “With InCellis, we see a new generation of solutions going even further beyond: better-quality images, brand news apps… We listened closely to distributors’ and first-users’ feedbacks and we were committed to build on all these precious insights to develop and deliver the best cell imaging solution”.

Embedded automated cell culture applications
Among InCellis many assets: its ability to facilitate communication between scientists. All images can be processed either with the embedded apps or exported to other software. In a minute, InCellis on-board applications enable users to determine cell transfection efficiency, cell culture confluency or to get multi-color fluorescence image on the bench. A scientist may take a picture and share it instantly with colleagues even though they are not present in the same lab room.

Innovative technology inspired by users needs
After gathering users and partners inputs on existing cell imagers, InCellis has been developed internally by BERTIN’s teams with obsession to offer the best value possible for the right cost. This was possible thanks to BERTIN’s expertise in optronics and lab equipment devices, combined with a strong partnership with PHOTONIS, a leader in photo-sensors for detection, imaging and amplification of low light.


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